June 01, 2010

All Things Catholic - Not

Beware you single Catholics out there.  If you are looking for an on-line dating site, not all the ones that claim to be Catholic are Catholic.  Take CatholicPeopleMeet.com for example.  This is an excerpt from one of their articles about pre-marital intercourse.

"According to the steps to Catholicism, I'm 100% Catholic ... I grew up and I kissed boys. I played with the idea of losing my virginity before walking down the aisle in a white dress and felt conflicted. How did my strict, moral, Catholic values fit in with my sexual desires? ... I dug into my Catholic teachings and realized that because my body is my temple it is up to me to decide. [If this person is following the Teachings of the Catholic Church, there is no decision to be made.  Also, our bodies are not our temples.  They are temples of the Holy Spirit.]

But what if you're still struggling? What if your inner temptress is rampant or your inner Puritan is crucifying your mind and heart? Well here are some tips to help you decide what's right for your temple:

Listen to God's Message: ... Whatever choices you make regarding premarital intercourse, make sure it is one that demonstrates the love and respect you have for God, yourself and your mate. Protect your body, your heart and soul, as well as that of your mate, as strongly as God protects all of us. That way you will be at peace with your decision.  [I didn't know the Catholic Church teaches that premarital intercourse demonstrates love and respect for God.  Since when would that bring peace?]

Be Your Own Person: [Already things are sounding suspicious.]  There are lists of do's and don'ts in all religions, including Catholicism. In the long run, however, we must decide what is best for us. [True, but not without guidance from others, especially the Church.]  God created us in his own special mold. Yes we came from Eve, the first woman, and Adam, the first man, but we are as unique as we are the same. Each of our bodies is specially curved, molded, and hued. Each mind ticks differently. So why conform to a set criteria or do's and don'ts? [So why be Catholic at all?]

Question Your Choices: We have the ability to reflect. So if you are entertaining thoughts of premarital sex and feel conflicted, ask yourself some questions. You can begin with the following: why do I want to experience this prior to marriage? How will I feel - mind, body, and soul - afterwards? Will I be at peace with my decision, whatever it is? Dig deep and listen to your heart. That's where the answers lie because that's where God lies.  [First of all, God does not lie.  You do.  (Ok, so you meant the other use of the word lie.  I couldn't resist though.)]  Second of all, the answers do not lie in our hearts.  They lie in Scripture and in Tradition and in the Magisterium.  The Church is quite clear on this.  How will one feel if they engage in premarital sex?  Awful.  Trust me.  At some point in your life, maybe even right after that first time, you will feel like you sold your soul, and that is because you did.  Trust the Church in Her wisdom when She teaches that intercourse should be reserved for marriage.  She is the only spokesperson for God.]

By Sujeiry Gonzalez of LoveMiOnline.com for CatholicPeopleMeet.com"
Such audacity, of both the author and CatholicMeetPeople.com.  Shame on them for publishing such a thing.  (I emailed them a copy of this entry, suggesting they remove the article. I will keep you posted.).

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