May 04, 2010

ProChoice Might Get More Respect If ...


It looks like we are making more headway in the ProLife arena. Have you seen the recent Newsweek article about the declining ProChoice efforts? I am referring to the April 26, 2010 article entitled "REMEMBER ROE! - HOW CAN THE NEXT GENERATION DEFEND ABORTION RIGHTS WHEN THEY DON'T THINK ABORTION RIGHTS NEED DEFENDING?"

In it, ProChoice NARAL President Kate Michelman publically acknowledges that the ProChoice side is facing challenges. She says there are not enough younger people stepping up to carry on their effort to protect abortion rights. Well, that may be because the ProChoice side has killed off so many of the children of the initial regime that they do not have the manpower to do so. It may also be because more people are seeing the weakness in their arguments, as is evidenced by the number of youths joining the ProLife efforts.

ProChoice NARAL President Kate Michelman also acknowledges the upsurge in the ProLife arena. She says "The technology has clearly helped to define how people think about a fetus as a full, breathing human being [maybe that's because that is what it is!]....The other side [that's us!] has been able to use the technology to its own end [you mean to reveal the Truth?]."

Sorry, I am so cynical about this these days. I guess in the interest of trying to maintain peace, I have tempered my views for so long that I can not hold them back any more. I just have very little tolerance left for the lying, and that is why I am excited about what ProChoice NARAL President Kate Michelman says. What she says is the beginning of a sign of concession. It is the beginning of acknowledging the Truth.

I am not talking religion here. I am talking science, which has spoken and shown that zygotes and fetuses are integral stages of the development of our species know as "human being". Just watch National Geographic's In The Womb video and the evidence/science/reason is clear.

Denying that science has annoyed me to no end. I have so often wished they would just say, "You are right. These entities inside pregnant women's uteruses are indeed live human beings, and yes, I guess we are killing them off. But, we are killing them off for what we think are good reasons."  Is that too much to ask?

I would have so much more respect for people in that position if they said something like that, i.e. the truth.  Then we would at least have some common ground from which we could discuss their good reasons for killing off these children.
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