May 26, 2010

Never Stop Planting Seeds With Your Children

I had a very engaging conversation with one of my sons recently.  It started with my reminding him that Christianity needs to be given another chance [he has decided he is not Christian], since the Old Testament course he took in Prep school, which provided major impetus for his exodus, was most likely taught from an historical and literature-like perspective, instead of from a Catholic Faith perspective.  It ended over two hours later, after we  bounced from one important topic to another.  I think we ended just because we petered out.

We discussed the procreative and unitive aspects of the marital act, how disappointed he and many other Obama supporters are with Obama's lack of fruitful changes for the country, homosexuality and its origins, contraception and how it suppresses love instead of promoting it, what confession is about, him getting his boating license, clergy sexual abuse (and the sexual abuse in many other domains of our lives), the media's ongoing bashing of the Catholic Church, people's inability to separate the human side of the Church from the Truth/Jesus side, the concept of hating the sin but loving the sinner and how that might really play out, and more.  I love my son and I love that he thinks about these things.  I get anxious about  this stage of his journey, because after all, it may be a stage, as many people tell me, but it may not be.  No one can know for sure.   And what if he dies tomorrow?  He will not have had time to get through the stage before he has to face the Judgment Seat of God.

Perseverance.  That is what I need to deal with the reality that things happen in God's time and not in mine.  And I need lots of prayer.  In the meantime, I hope many seeds were planted for my son's conversion.  If he is ever moved by the Holy Spirit to see the Truth of the Catholic Faith, we will have one impressive Catholic on our hands.

St. Monica and St. Augustine, please pray for us.
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