August 17, 2018

No Surprise - Suicide and Abortion are Both About Ending Lives Unjustly

Suicide and abortion are both about ending lives unjustly. In the first case, it is about a person ending their own life. In the second case, it is about a mother ending her child's life. It is no surprise that the two spheres of interest overlap. That is, to prevent suicide, we must value life and human dignity, and to prevent the killing of innocent children, we must value life and human dignity. It has to happen from the start if we want it to happen at the end.

"For 18 hours, Gianna Jessen burned alive in her mother's womb from a saline abortion at Planned Parenthood. She miraculously survived. This talk [seen in the video below] she gave at the Parliament House in Australia is one of the3 most powerful speeches you will ever hear. Pass it along to share her story."

Be sure to watch to the end.

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Gianna Jessen

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