February 24, 2018

Suicide Survival

In 2015, I self-published a book entitled, "Unraveling My Father's Suicide." It is a memoir about my father's suicide and my experience dealing with it. Suicide has since been a ministry of mine. I am no professional on the topic, but I have had a lot to share based on my experience and research. I have several posts in this blog related to the topic. I hope you peruse them.

Recently, I came across a video with Kevin Heins who jumped off the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge - and survived. He was 19 years old. His insight is valuable. The YouTube piece is called, "Suicide - Be Here Tomorrow." I hope you take time to watch it. There are many suggestions to help others facing suicide.

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image - https://youtu.be/oWjxSkJpxFU

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