June 28, 2016

8 Things Every Catholic Should Be Doing Every Day - #7, Serve, and #8, Reflect

Finishing up with the 8 Things Every Catholic Should Be Doing Every Day series, we move onto #7 and #8.

7. Serve in some way

"For you were called for freedom, brothers. But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh; rather, serve one another through love." - Galatians 5:13, NABRE

This sounds straightforward, but many people do like I did and complicate this suggestion with grandeur. For example, I thought I had to go to Kentucky on a mission trip for a week in the Appalachians to do service that counted for anything. The ironic thing was, at the end of the week, the counselors answered the question, "What do I do now?" with a suggestion of going home and doing service work there. They offered these ideas: work at the local food pantry, volunteer at the public library, help someone cross the street, mow the lawn for your parents. Do small things every day and you will have a significant impact on making the world a better place. And go on your mission trip after all, just with better perspective.

8. Reflect on your day

In Catholicism, this step is often done with an examination of conscience at the end of the day. In 12-step programs, it is done with a daily inventory. Did I hurt anyone? Did I take something of someone's without asking? Am I holding any resentments? Was I able to forgive someone for raising their voice with me? How about Jesus? Did I even talk with Him today? What good things have I done? Did I give my sons my daily hugs? Did I tell them I love them?  etc.

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As the author of the list, Becky Roach reminds us:
"The goal is to start incorporating one or two of these [eight] things into your day and then keep working until these actions become a natural part of who you are.  Make them essential healthy habits – like brushing your teeth – so that you don’t even have to think twice about getting them done."

Good Wishes in Christ,

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