June 21, 2016

8 Things Every Catholic Should Be Doing Every Day - #5, Talk About [and to] God

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 5. Talk about God [and to God]
I'm not sure why we lose our childhood wisdom and innocence, but we can get it back. Do you remember having an imaginary friend? Talking to her, feeding her, playing games with her, and including her in everything. That's what #5 is about, except that the friend is not imaginary in this case. The friend is real and omnipotent. Talk to Him, offer Him a sacrifice, play games with Him, feed Him "dinner," tell Him your woes, thank Him for bringing you into this world, ask Him to care for your children, mention Him in a conversation with another adult or a child -- all day long. It is the most important relationship we will have, so we must find ways to nurture and rely upon it.

God is a personal God. Imagine if we all tapped into this wonderful resource. +

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