February 20, 2016

*Video Now Available* Book Talk for Unraveling My Father's Suicide

February 11 reminds me of two celebrations and now a third.

     1) Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes,
     2) A friend's birthday, and now,
     3) My first public book talk for my book Unraveling My Father's Suicide.

I gave my presentation on Thursday, February 11, 2016. The talk is available for viewing on youtube here. I hope you find it informative, but I have to say I found the Question & Answer segment encouraging. Some very thoughtful questions about suicide were asked and the audience interacted well with each other.

This was the outline for the talk:

     - How I came to write my book
     - Suicide from two different perspectives (statistics & stories)
     - Readings from the book
     - Q & A session
     - Book signing

I hope you enjoy the show.

God Bless,
Kathleen +

Our Lady of Lourdes
Book Cover

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