June 30, 2015

Initial Reviews Are In! Unraveling My Father's Suicide

I have been pleasantly surprised by the reviews shown
below, not only because they are positive, but because
their analytical nature is so insightful for other readers. 
I hope you benefit from reading the book.
      From Amazon.com

This book is a real page turner! The author has poured her heart out in this book and I surely felt it. I want to thank the author for so bravely telling it like it is!!! I started reading this and couldn't put it down until I was done. (I read it in one day.) This is a raw and courageous account of one woman's struggle with depression and coming to terms with her absentee father's suicide. She is able to recount significant memories which allow the reader to feel the pain, loss and disappointment of her family that was endured while her father was alive - and then the magnification and subsequent confusion after his death. The author manages to convey the mental, emotional and spiritual consequences of growing up with(out) a father. The heartbreak, disappointment and confusion that resides in the heart ever day becomes a baseline of thought and feeling that the family cannot escape. It is an emotional, mental, spiritual weight to which the family is anchored with daily sinking reminders. She masterfully weaves in her own memories of her father poignantly throughout the book allowing the reader to feel the story. Her own honest account of her family dysfunction and battle with depression is both heartbreaking and compelling. Such honesty - such truth!!
The author also unselfishly describes her own lifelong battle with depression and her chilling suicide attempt. She has managed to keep her depression at bay by embracing spirituality, seeking truth and stripping herself of ideology that did serve her. The author does not claim to have cured herself of depression; rather she has managed to curb its impact on her life and to render whatever good she may of this disease. By her own private account, she is providing the reader with a front row seat and a gleam of understanding as to what it feels like to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. This is a huge gift to the world and one step in demystifying depression!!! 
Kathleen Laplante provides an insightful and thought provoking account of her experience as the child of a mostly absent alcoholic father who ultimately committed suicide on an exceedingly important day. As a mental health professional, I am particularly struck by the author's candor about her own struggles with depression and suicidality and with the obstacles to treatment she endured and overcame. The author conveys the powerful impact of her father's death on her family and the questions surrounding it. I was completely engrossed in her courageous exploration of family patterns of depression and suicide, in her spiritual journey, and in her capacity to use her experience to help others. She is truly an inspiration!
Sometimes someone's absence can have a more profound effect on us than we can understand without the benefit of time and a great deal of soulful self-reflection. Kathleen dives deeply and fearlessly into how the suicide of her largely absent father affected her personal struggles with depression and suicide, and ultimately how it affected her spirituality. She explores many facets of these gut-wrenching issues with a level of honesty and integrity that is so rarely achieved under these circumstances. I felt as if I was experiencing the account of her struggles on a very personal level.
The author reveals her struggles with the suicide of her absentee, alcoholic father in this honest and compelling account. Her revelations run the gamut of depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, family dysfunction and the painful aftermath of dealing with her father's suicide. This is ultimately a very hopeful account of how Kathleen persisted and ultimately overcame her mental anguish, helped to find forgiveness not only for herself but for her siblings. She gives others insight into important tools such as, therapy, medication and spirituality. She demonstrates above all that it is not easy but it is possible to rise above circumstances and hardships if one perseveres. I loved how she came to see her mother as a hero and role model. Life doesn't always deal us a fair hand, but it's what we do with it that counts in the end. This is a very life affirming book that will help many who are facing similar struggles

Editorial Reviews from Amazon.com

#1 - The incidence of depression and suicide are usually the 'elephant' in the room for most families. As Kathleen Laplante observed, herself, this was true in her family. Thankfully, for you and me, she was prompted and she responded to do something about this. Facing the torments head on, the author asked the tough questions, researched to find fact, endured misery and rejection but, persevered. She thanked our Lord for this virtue. When we read this book, we will also thank the Lord. Kathleen Laplante has done so much more than unravel her father's tragic suicide. She gives you and me the powerful weapons of faith and hope to engage in our own battles with depression and suicide. This is a page turner. Fast reading. The author writes with an urgency and sense of discovery that will keep the pages turning. You will find a resource you want to reread and share with loved ones so they might also benefit. One of the most important achievements of this work is the exposition of the important function her spiritual journey played in this story. Hope, healing, forgiveness and spiritual nourishment found in the sacraments and friendships wove their strong strands holding together a wounded soul in her powerful search for redemption. Ave Maria --David E. Dowd

#2 - Kathleen...I admire your courage to deal with something so painful. Thank you for the work you are doing to help others. You are an instrument of God to help save lives. God bless you. --Maria Albers

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