June 23, 2014

Ever Wonder Why It Takes 6 or More Years for a Person to Write/Publish a Book?

Reflections While Writing My First Book, Unraveling My Father's Suicide

"Ever wonder why it sometimes takes people 6 or 9 years to write/publish their book? Well, I'm learning why.

The process of writing a book is full of surprises, especially when it is one's first book ever written. My lawyer wants to introduce a new contract between me and my editor. Copyright stuff. Sounds like a good idea. Sounds easy. I give the go ahead. I get the draft of the contract and it has mucho legalese. I am not keen on legalese and my guess is that my editor isn't either.

With so many other things going on, I don't have time to think through this right now, but I imagine you can see that addressing this would interrupt the schedule, especially a schedule that has been written by a novice writer. Add a 'zillion' of these surprises, and you can see how the publication date gets pushed out.

Still hanging in there,

- Unraveling My Father's Suicide, Facebook Post

Photos from my book:
My father with the first five of us six children.

Statue of Mary with Jesus at the Foot of the 
Cross after His Crucifixion.  At Mount Calvary 

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