September 12, 2011

Sloppy Catholicism

I saw this article and cringed.

The title is Welcome Home Lance Corporal Alex Sanford.
The editing was atrocious:

- While in Afghanistan he was part o the force that pushed into Trek Nawa...

- Alex and his fellow Marines subsisted on MRE's (meals- ready- to -eat), while makin their quarters...

- He looks forward to connecting up with friends an purchasing a truck...

- He and his family would like to thank the community for their continue support of our troops.

This is indicative of the casual approach we take to so many things these days, including our own Catholic Faith.  We don't dot the i's or cross the t's or spell things correctly.  It sends the wrong messages and leaves us more distant from God.  In parallel to the errors listed above:

- Leaving out one letter of a two letter word is like leaving out Joseph when talking about the parents of Jesus, or leaving out Abel when talking about the children of Adam and Eve.

- Adding unnecessary spaces in the explanation of an acronym is like keeping people confused about the Truth.

- Omitting the "g" in an "ing" word is like listing all your sins but never going to Confession.

- Leaving out one letter of a three letter word is like leaving out Jesus from the Trinity.

- Forgetting the "d" at the end of a past tense verb is like telling people the Passion is occurring today, not way back in Jesus' time.

With these oversights, we have to constantly re-interpret what we are reading, if we take the time, that is.  It is an annoyance and a distraction and we miss out on what the author really wants us to know. 

The same thing occurs with our Faith.  When we are less than thorough in things like learning the Catechism, or doing our Confession, or receiving the Eurcharist, others have to re-interpret what they are observing, and at the same time, we are personally missing the fullness of God's plan of salvation for us.

What are you doing to deepen your knowledge and practice of the Catholic Faith?

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