August 03, 2011

Another Look at Contraception and NFP

Have you ever wondered what the Eastern Catholic Church teaches about contraception and family "planning"?  Do they teach the same as what the Western Church based out of Rome teaches?

I became curious about this a few years ago, when I started attending the Melkite Greek Catholic Church near me.  I guess the answer was obvious, since the Melkite Church is in full union with Rome, but when it is all so new, most answers need to be validated.  So, yes, the Melkite Church teaches what Rome teaches, as seen on the web site (I added the image.):

Primer of Beliefs and Traditions from the Eparchy web site
Our Church's teaching is the same as that of the whole Catholic Church throughout the world: that faithful Christians may not make use of any artificial means of contraception. Those who would like to "plan" their children's b...irth are advised to use the natural methods. Natural Family Planning works with the body's own cycles, at times this requires some discipline and self-denial, but it helps the couple to deepen their mutual love. It is not fool-proof, and that's part of its value for Christians: that all acts of love between husband and wife are open to the gift of Life, both in the conception of a child and in the life-giving relationship of the spouses. -​htm#Contraception

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