July 17, 2011

ProAbortion Premise Non-Existent

A common argument given by ProAbortion advocates relates to crime.  It is said that aborting babies from mothers who live in tough social circumstances, helps to lower the crime rate.  In other words, the belief is that most of these women who are getting abortions are stuck in poverty-stricken, high-crime lifestyles and neighborhoods.  Any child they might have are bound to become a thief, a murderer, or a drug addict.  So isn't it great that we are killing them off before that happens, and making the world a better place?

I say no. There are too many people who make it out of those kinds of circumstances and succeed otherwise.

Also, James Alan Fox is a respected criminologist at Northeastern University. He writes a Crime and Punishment blog for the Boston Globe.  He looked at this notion again, and he found the original ProAbortion premise is unfounded.  Click here

God, spare us from eugenics under any guise.


image - http://social.prisoninmatepenpal.com/20-street-gang-members-arrested-in-corpus-christi-operation/

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