June 25, 2011

Mary, Jesus, Pope John Paul II and Fr. Corapi

My last post had Mother Teresa in it.  This post has Pope John Paul II and more.  I guess I'm going for the heavy hitters.

While cleaning today, I came across a prayer card that I appreciate now more than ever.  The photo is wonderful.  Mary, the Mother of God on Earth, collects His blood in the Chalice for the rest of us to become like Him.  I am so thankful to have a spiritual mother.  She is always there when I need her.  She is always there when anyone needs her.

The prayer on the back is Pope John Paul II's Prayer For Life.  He was so humble.  He was so holy.  He was ProLife.  He  loved ProChoicers with the love of Christ.  He was a man of the world. He brought Jesus everywhere.  He celebrated Mass every day.  He prayed.  Today, I think of the situation with Fr. Corapi, and I pray that we as a Church, can follow in his footsteps, apply this Prayer For Life, and not let the Devil divide us.

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