March 08, 2011

Liberal Democrat Pundit Shames Planned Parenthood

I re-read the article after I posted the entry below, and I saw a retraction from Kirsten Powers.  Here it is:

"Author's Note: I made a serious error in reporting this column that undermines the conclusion I drew. I compared statistics on contraceptive use from a January 2011 Guttmacher Institute fact sheet to a year 2000 study on the same issue. However, I did not realize that the 2011 fact sheet derived its statistics from the year 2000 numbers, so my argument was not supported by the data. I am deeply sorry for the error, which invalidates my piece."


ProLife blogger Jill Stanek has a different take, with which I agree:

"Kirsten’s retraction was too sweeping. Her remaining conclusions, based on separate statistical data, remain sound. The facts remain that: 1) according to Guttmacher, 54% of aborting mothers are contraception at the time they became pregnant; 2) according to Guttmacher, women do not list “lack of access” as a reason for not using contraceptives; 3) statistics from Spain show that abortions more than doubled after contraceptive use went up; and 4) Planned Parenthood’s stated mission in population control." -

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"Whatever you think of abortion rights, this [Planned Parenthood] is not the kind of organization that taxpayers should be funding." - Busting the Birth-Control Myth by Kirsten Powers.

This is really important, because Kirsten Powers is an ardent Liberal Democrat.  She is a Liberal pundit on FOX News, where debates the Conservatives.

Be sure to read the whole article.  It is a tremendous boost for the ProLife paradigm.


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