March 05, 2011

Do Aliens Exist? Do They Have Souls?

Dr. Richard B. Hoover

Do aliens exist?  Do they have souls?  These are good questions and one scientist believes he has the answer to the first.  Check out this article about Dr. Richard B. Hoover,  Exclusive: NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite  It was published today.

I still wanted to see some discourse on the second question, so I googled it.  No definite answers, but here is a write up by Catholic News Service from 2005,  Do space aliens have souls? Inquiring minds can check Jesuit's book by Carol Glatz.  I like the curious and scientific/theological openness displayed in the article.

Me, personally?  Maybe because of all the alien movies from Hollywood, I am nostalgic about the idea.  I hope we do find some aliens out there, friendly ones of course, and intelligent.  I'm pretty sure our world would be rocked (no pun intended, but I like it in hindsight :-)).


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