December 06, 2010

Coffee & Pastries For Life

One often associates ProLife work with participation in protests in Washington, D.C., Boston, MA, or Los Angeles, MA, but the reality is that there are many, many people who do lower key, grassroots work to promote the cause. 

GMCFL Members

One such group is The Greater Marlboro Coalition For Life (GMCFL) in Marlboro, MA.

Baked Goods

Yesterday, they held a Coffee & Pastries For Life event to help raise awareness and educate the parishioners about Life issues, as well as about GMCFL.  Many of the members of the group donated homemade baked goods that were offered with coffee and other drinks. 
Drinks Being Served


The event was held at Immaculate Conception Parish in Marlboro,  MA.  Kristine Dionne, who was instrumental in getting the organization established and running, was there, and she wrote this about it: 

"There was a great turnout after the 9am (and especially after the 11am!) Masses at Immaculate Conception Parish this morning. We had educational materials, Pro Life resources, Fetal Models, and plenty of food, coffee & fellowship!"
Kristine then added that the "generous contributions of baked goods that were not consumed or sold at the event will be lovingly donated to the guests at 'Our Father's Table' ... in Marlboro." 

Back in October, the Coalition held a Prayer Service & Rally For Life 
This is an edearing photo for the group.

Pope Benedict XVI

images - Compliments of Kristine Dionne

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