September 22, 2010

Mourning My Loved Ones (con't)

In my last post, I talked about the babies I know who were aborted.  It wasn't until today that I realized how many there were.  Five.  Five babies in my life were never given the chance to live outside the womb.  Five.

That is just in my circle, never mind those babies in the circles of others, and never mind all the babies we don't know about.  So this got my analytical brain going.

How many people have I been close with besides the ones mentioned in my previous post?

         - Nine close friends
         - Seven close cousins
         - Three siblings
         - Five close co-workers over the years

That puts the count at twenty-four.  How many aborted babies did they each know about?  I know five, but that is probably high, so let's pick two.  That is probably a reasonable figure, maybe even low.   24 people x 2 known aborted babies/person = 48 known aborted babies

This assumes that no two people know the same baby.  If they did, the result would be a little less.   
My point?  48 babies make enough people to start of a new village or a new research firm to cure cancer.  One by one, though, we eradicate them and wonder why our world is still in pain, not just from the lost opportunity, but from the blood on our hands too.

Please pray for all women and men facing crisis pregnancies, for their unborn children, for the doctors performing abortions, and for all mankind.

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Afterthought 09/23/10 - We can be more conservative and say each person knows of only one abortion.  The result would be 24 known abortions, an amount that is still quite significant. 
Come to think of it, if the whole group knew of only one abortion that occurred, that one would still be significant and would warrant societal change.  Even one human life is priceless.

These real-life statistics should leave you feeling unsettled.  Click here 

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