September 10, 2010

Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface is the name of the television show on which I appeared earlier this week.  Paul Murano is the producer and host and has been doing the show for a number of years now.  This is from the Burlington Cable Access Television web site:

Beneath The Surface [BTS]is a different kind of talk show, discussing the important issues of life that in our fast-paced and often shallow culture people rarely talk about. Both serious and fun, it may at times get your blood boiling and at other times make you laugh. "One thing BTS will certainly do is make you to think" describes both producer and host Paul Murano. Fear of controversy and being "politically correct" are foreign concepts to this live call-in show, and in no way get in the way of the show's primary goal: To seek the truth by going Beneath the Surface. -

Eric Ewanco, Tennis Lilly, Nick Desany and I were the guests with Paul as the host for our show.  Cameraman Bob LeBlanc also chimed in.  Among other things, we discussed the controversial Islamic center near Ground Zero, ethnicity and ethnicity statistics, women on submarines and Glen Beck.  It was a lively discussion and went by fast.

There were a couple items I said that I would retract, one in particular about the building of the Islamic center.  Other than that, it went well and I think I would do it again.

Peace in Christ,

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