August 13, 2010

TV Commercial

I just saw a commercial on TV with these powerful ProLife messages.

- Please say you will be the answer for an innocent one suffering right now.
- Every day in America, countless suffer from cruelty, neglect and abandonment, [even death].
- They suffer by themselves.  They wait for help.
- Go on-line today and join our organization with a monthly gift.
- You can be the voice for those who can not speak for themselves.
- For just $18 per day, you can help us rescue 1000's from their abusers [ and killers] and provide them with medical care, shelter, food and love, which they so desperately need and deserve.
- This is your chance to say, "I won't sit by while one suffers."

Sometimes, I think we treat our animals better than we treat our babies and our elderly.  These sentiments are from an organization that rescues abused and neglected animals.  It would be nice to see a similar commercial for rescuing unborn babies headed for abortion, or for rescuing elderly persons from assisted suicide.

Can we find the proper perspective and balance?

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